In 1997 McKinsey & Company originated the phrase “the War for Talent”.

In 2001 Jim Collins in his book Good to Great discusses the importance of getting the “right people in the right seats on the bus” before deciding where to drive.

Value Proposition

We help the executive and leadership team of small and medium sized companies listen to their business to identify their most important needs and issues. In almost every one of these situations a major piece of the puzzle involves talent, organizational structure, organizational dynamics, and leadership. But too often there is no real defined people-based strategy in place as part of the overall business plans and strategy. We work with our clients to help them understand, develop, and implement a people-based strategy that is aligned with, and supportive of their strategic and operational needs and objectives.

“If you listen to your business, the business will make the decisions for you.”

The president of a company I worked for used this phrase to summarize his business philosophy. When I started Dansumur Consulting LLC I asked, and received his blessing to use the phrase. I simply could not think of a better way to define who we are and how we engage our clients.

We measure our success by the success we help our clients achieve, and we value long-term relationships as opposed to a one and done event.

It’s our client’s business and their journey. We’re there as their tour guide.

Dan Sell