The Ripple Effect

Whenever there is change in any organization it is like throwing a pebble into a pool of water. There is a big splash when the event happens, and people take note of it and react to it. What they fail to appreciate are all the ripples that are caused by the splash and how those ripples move through a company and impact the organization, operations, relationships, and the people in that company.

As companies evolve and grow, the needs and expectations of the talent and the organization itself also change. Organizational change is the pebble thrown into the pond. The ripples of change occur naturally and do not stop until the energy generated by that change finally dissipates as the subsequent ripples get farther away from the source of the energy. We see the ripples on the surface, but there is also energy below the surface as well that we don’t see.

Think about having a handful of pebbles and throwing them at different points in the pond. Now there are a number of ripple patterns to deal with, and some of those ripples overlap other ripples. There is a lot of energy moving through what was once quiet body of water.

With major changes taking place, the nature of the work to be done, the requirements of the leadership team, and the organizational structure that all worked well a year ago may not work now and in the future. The knowledge, skills, and abilities possessed by the talent within the organization today may not be what is needed moving forward to support the needs of a changing company. There is also a need to understand how change affects people, and how they in turn affect the change.

We help companies plan for, and successfully manage their ripples.