Your Business Assessment

Our starting point is to listen to the business. We meet with the senior executive (or executives) of an organization to let them tell us about their business. The initial discussion focuses on fewer than 20 questions that take about an hour to go through. We ask the questions, listen to the responses, ask follow-up questions, and just talk. Within two business days we provide a written assessment of their organization based on what we heard.

Dansumur Consulting pays for its time for the initial discussion, as well as the time required to prepare the written assessment and do any editing of the initial draft based on the input from the people involved in the discussion. Our objective is to prepare a final document that provides an accurate and realistic assessment of the organization.

The final document is provided to the organization with no strings attached. The senior executive(s) can then use it how they choose, or ignore it all together. There is no cost to the organization, other than the investment of the time of the people who will meet with us. We do appreciate the value of that time and provide something of value as a return on that investment.

We have had people say that our process makes them think about their business in a comprehensive, broader, and more global and strategic manner. They have said that they are often so focused on what is happening day to day, that this type of thinking just does not happen as much as it should in their organization. We have been told that our process is thought provoking and challenges them to look at their business in ways they have not looked at it before, or thought about recently

Our written assessment also adds value by helping to validate that the message the senior executive wants to send to a third party is indeed the message that is heard. These third parties can include current or potential customers, business partners, financial investors, employees, regulators, and the general public.

If there is an interest in working with Dansumur Consulting, the business assessment provides a starting point, as well as a reference and touchstone for anything that is done moving forward. Success requires this alignment between the needs of the business and any actions taken. That is why we listen to the business as the first step.