Service Areas


We listen to each organization and work with them to help develop customized strategies and action plans that address their organization’s specific needs. Our objective is to help make those organizations as successful as they can be through their people. Our goal is to help identify people-based solutions to meet business needs, and ultimately create success for our clients.

While we start with a blank canvas for each client there are some areas of expertise that may be a part of final strategy and action plans. The four main areas we focus on are:


  • Assessing the current talent and future talent needs of an organization
  • Developing staffing, recruiting, and development plans
  • Creating succession and replacement plans
  • Identifying key talent and conducting a risk and vulnerability assessment for those individuals and positions


  • Defining roles, as well as goals and expectations
  • Defining organizational success and failure, and what is required to achieve one and prevent the other
  • Aligning the message from the top with organizational behavior (what people actually see and hear)
  • Leadership coaching

Organizational Structure

  • Defining the work to be done (now, intermediate, and future)
  • Understanding how the work is organized and how things get done
  • Aligning the organization structure with business plans and strategies

Organizational Dynamics

  • Assessing organizational alignment and possible disconnects
  • Defining how people can support or prevent the desired results from being achieved

In addition we have developed some specific stand-alone programs. These programs include:

My First HR Professional/Manager

As small companies grow there is often comes a point that the company needs to hire its first HR professional or its first HR manager. We help companies with the process from defining the need to successfully bringing the person on board and helping them through the learning curve. We do not do recruiting or candidate interviewing, or participate in the hiring decision.

The elements of the process we provide are:

Defining the job based on what the company actually needs, and what results are expected from the position.

Building a candidate specification that not only addresses knowledge, skills, and abilities, but also looks at cultural fit and operational abilities.

Creating a hiring plan which will include the preparation of an interviewing worksheet including sample questions that directly related to the criteria from the candidate specification.

Training people who will conduct interviews (if required or desired)
Defining goals and expectations
Professional mentoring

The Battle of Gettysburg as a Business Case Study

A one-day or a half-day onsite workshop that uses the Battle of Gettysburg as the basis for discussions and group exercises on leadership, communication, organizational dynamics, and management practices. The content of the workshop can also be tailored to focus on specific areas that are important to an organization.

Seminars and Training

Performance Management
Organizational Communications
Basic Networking Skills
Effective Presentations
Interviewer Training